Saturday, December 12, 2009

I've been challenged

My father has insisted that I try and write in this blog every day so I am arising to the challenge. I tend to wait for the spirit to move me, but as we can all see that happens at best occasionally. So...though my life is exceedingly perfect in my eyes considering I get to spend it with the cutest little person in the world, be prepared for your end to be a little, well, boring. The first 5 times (even 10 if you are one that deeply understands baby love) that I tell you all how cute Samaya is you might nod in agreement and smile quietly to yourself. But this can only last for so long. Then there will be tears of boredom followed by an intense irritation with the word 'cute.'

Maybe when she's older and I magically become the kind of mother whose blogs I stalk--knitting needles affixed to hands, wholesome meals that draw the family together each evening, daily art projects and science experiments and story writing and story reading and nature loving and fort building and garden tending--maybe then it will be a more engaging experience for you. And if that never happens, then I guess we can all hold out until Samaya starts talking. Because let's face, we won't need any other entertainment, will we?

For now, I will depend heavily on pictures of exceeding cuteness.

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