Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Samaya!

Today Samaya if officially 6 months. Unofficially, she's been 6 months for at least 10 days now simply because its easier to repeat to all the elderly folks who repeatedly ask me in Dunkin Donuts and TJ Max and Hannaford and the thrift store. And now you all know where we repeatedly shop.

In fact just today at Dunkin Donuts Sisay turned Samaya's high chair around to a table of friendly folk because she was far more interested in carrying on a conversation with them than with her altogether boring parents. Have I mentioned that I gave birth to an extreme extrovert? The stranger the better. She will more readily go to someone she has never laid eyes upon than someone she is mildly familiar with. Out of novelty.

We are quickly becoming aware and slightly envious of the fact that our daughter,who has been in existence for 6 months, has more friends than the both of us.

This is why she does not have a Facebook account.

And I should mention that we harbor this envy despite Sisay's current friend count of 1,564.

So anyway, to celebrate Samaya will eat her first food today: sweet potatoes. Her grandparents are coming over for dinner too. Let's hope she saves them some table scraps.

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  1. I have found that Geminis can have a tendency towards social butterflyness. Perhaps that is part of it :)