Sunday, April 26, 2009

And baby makes perfect

After much procrastination and a few persistent individuals who demand the right to finally witness Sisay's long awaited journey into fatherhood, we are finally starting a blog for Samaya. And for the rest of us too.

I thought it only fitting to start when she started-in the Holy Land the lucky duck. And already a haji.

This is Sisay and I in Herzliyah, Israel celebrating our first anniversary at an entirely chocolate restaurant. Samaya was with us but we didn't know it until a few days later.

Probably the first picture of Samaya, quickly snapped before anyone got suspicious of the distinct placement of hands over belly.

And here is my sister Julia, Mom, me, Samaya, and Sisay on pilgrimage during the last month of our service. The nausea was well worth bringing our daughter along.