Monday, May 16, 2011


Samaya has taken up the ever so dignified habit of 'HUH?' Conversations go something like this:

"Samaya, that shoe goes on your other foot."

"Please put your work back on the shelf, sweetheart."

"Can you bring Violet a diaper?"

"I love you."

"Uminuh bida gooby doo ba."
"Huh?" (We thought we'd at least give her a legitimate reason to play ignorant so she wouldn't have to pretend she plum forgot where that puzzle goes)

This morning's conversation went something like this:

"Samaya, today we have children's class at Gaby's house. What virtues have you practiced this week?"
"I said we're going to children's class today."
"Dearest Samaya; If you have not heard the words issuing forth from your mother's mouth, please kindly respond, 'Could you please repeat that, Mother Dearest?'"