Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Samaya now:

-blows kisses (primarily at strangers)
-gives kisses with an outward puff of air
-grabs rudely whatever you hand her
-shares her food with us
-plays peek-a-boo
-misses her Uncle Kalu
-runs and squeals with delight when we chase her
-talks fluently in her own language
-says Dada and Nana (referring to her mother)
-points where she wants you to take her and at pictures in books
-misses her Uncle Kalu
-sings along when we sing to her (but I'm sorry to say horribly out of tune and a bit monotone)
-waves hello to everyone she meets, especially srangers.
-loves injera and strawberries and lentils and apples and oranges
-gets extremely pissy when you take something away/won't let her eat paper/stop her from going somewhere
-when you tell her not to do something, she gives a frustrated grunt and does it anyway
-points at the door in eager anticipation if you ask her, 'outside?'
-misses her Uncle Kalu

P.S. I'll post some pictures of our recent trip to D.C. to visit Kalu in the near future.