Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This little girl turned four over the weekend. We celebrated with sprinklers, fruit kabobs, chocolate (alright, it was carob) cake with pink frosting, pin the tail on the donkey, hammocks, pinatas, and presents. Sisay made her a tree swing for her birthday (this girl LOVES to swing) and the kids all had a blast taking turns on it. It's the new cool place to be. I gave her the book I made at the same time that I made Violet's book. The text is a poem/ love letter I wrote for her when she was a baby with some new lines added to bring us to four. We've also been enjoying building forts with her awesome (and handmade!) fort-making kit. Thank you to all who celebrated with us and showered loved on Samaya. She was positively glowing (and loves ALL of her thoughtful gifts!) It was truly a day filled with joy. 

The Violet Book

This was supposed to be Violet's birthday present back in February. Let's leave the blame out of it and focus on that fact that when she's 30, she will never remember it came 2 1/2 months late. Nor does she have any clue now. Nor will anyone remind her of this fact in 28 years. Here are a few excerpts. Two things will quickly become apparent:
1. I am so clearly not a photographer.
2. The following will make little sense to you if you are not at least a little familiar with Violet and her namesake Olivia.