Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why I love Maine

because you can drive an hour north through winding roads lined with golden 'dancing trees' (as Samaya declared) and arrive here.

because of quaint cafes filled with local coffee, homemade apple cider donuts, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and apple turnovers.

because babies can be found tucked between hundred year old rows of apple trees in a little red wagon piled high with drops.

because of the way the October light bounces off two-year-old mountain climbers.

because of pigs exactly the way they appear in children's books--miles high in mud.

because of friends to share with you in the quiet pleasure of freshly picked fruit.

because of farmers who grow food with sunshine, rain, and good old fashioned hard work. So this mama can hand her baby that food and know it will do exactly what it was meant to do. Nourish.

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