Monday, October 24, 2011

Double Wrong

If this post were a facebook status, it would read:

'I married my husband because of what he does to my soul; not for what he does to my grammar.'

It is, in fact, a blog post, so here goes the lengthier version:

Sisay: "Your daughter is eating paper."

Me: "Yeah."

Sisay: "Disturbing." (my response, that is)

Me: "It's better than plastic."

Sisay: "What is wrong with you?"

Me: Laughing, which turns into belly laughing, which turns into hysterical laughing. I don't know, probably because this moment illustrates one out of hundreds each day in which a child of ours does something that I deem normal and/or praiseworthy and Sisay deems highly dangerous and/or requiring medical attention.

Sisay: "Why are you laughing? Your daughter is eating paper and you laugh. That by itself makes double wrong with you."

That's when I really lost it.

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