Friday, July 17, 2009

They grow up so fast...

So our darling is quite the growing girl. At one month, she's about 10 1/2 lbs. And it's all going in her cheeks. She makes sure I go from feeling like a perfect mother to a complete failure on an every other day basis. Yesterday and the night before she slept almost not at all. Three hours when she first went down on Wednesday night, and then up on the hour or less until morning. Thinking I knew my daughter- I'm her mother after all- I was sure she would catch up by taking a long morning nap. And so logically she proceeded to stay awake almost the entire day with the exception of a couple 20 minute or less naps. All the way until 10:30 PM. This is not the first time this has happened.

I am always informing Sisay of my current theory on the WHYS of her lack of sleep and/or crankiness: It's the peach gummy rings I knew I shouldn't have eaten. Or the beans. Or peanutbutter. Or corn chips. Definitely the soymilk. I've heard some babies have a soy intolerance. And probably also the cheese on my sandwich. Maybe it was because I was out most of yesterday and she was overstimulated. That's it! She's not sleeping because she's overtired. On second thought, maybe she's in between growth spurts. She just doesn't need as much sleep right now.

Even my dad chimed in: Most babies come into the world drugged, addicted to nicotine and alcohol, having undergone a very stressful birth. Samaya slid into a birth tub in the comfort of her own home without being under the influence. She's ahead of the game. More like a 6 month old really.

She's always changing the rules. Maybe one of those ideas used to be right, but it sure doesn't apply now.

Then last night happened. She slept for FIVE hours. FIVE. Technically this is considered 'sleeping through the night.' Not only that, but the little angel then nursed for 10 minutes and fell gently back to sleep for another 3 1/2 hours. That's right. We have an incredibly advanced child. If only this lasted for more than a night. Today she has been an absolute dream. It's now 12:20 and she's already had a nice morning nap too. The awake portion: full of smiles. Of course as I write this the fussiness is beginning. I am learning never to expect or predict anything. People keep asking me if she's starting to have a schedule and all I can do is laugh. Sure, she has a schedule but she doesn't see the need in informing her parents of the daily changes she makes to it. That's fine, as long as she continues to shower her many wonders upon us.

Here are a couple pictures of her sleeping peacefully. I'm sending these images into the ether to promote good karma. Of course, it will most likely backfire, but I'm currently knocking on wood to reduce this likelihood.

Oh my lord, so cute. That's my family everybody.

This morning, during the aforementioned nap in my arms.


  1. This is a delight to read!! More, more posts please (whenever your schedule allows you - ha ha ha)!!!

    Lots of love,

  2. yay for sleeping through the night!!!!!!! congrats! you're doing great lolo. and these people who ask about a schedule, tell them no schedule in the first two months! let her do whatever she wants (as you do)... in her second month she'll gradually adopt something of a pattern, which with your coaxing will evolve into her routine by month three or four... ahhhh the joys of infanthood! kiss that sweet angel for me. i can't want to see her in october.