Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can I just say that my baby is simply and utterly YUMMY. Oh my Lord, somebody stop me from swallowing her in one bite. She always has been, but the past three days? Nothing but a big fat pile of smiles and full-out laughing (soundless, but body-trembling, eye-squinting, gum-flashing laughter). This is our day so far:

Wake up. Smile for 10 minutes straight. Poop.
Wimper for milk. Eat like there's no tomorrow.
Doze at the breast.
Wake up and smile some more.
Go in the swing without complaint. Stare out the window while Mommy showers.
Fall asleep in the swing.
Wake up and smile. Poop. (It was a poop smile)
Play with Mommy. Eat.
Lay under her jungle gym and stare out the window (I'm not sure if she's ever noticed the toys right above her head yet)
Get bored. Sit on Mommy's lap calmly while she writes this.

I do realize this is pretty much an ideal perfect world and such things never last. But I am definitely enjoying it for now. Probably that crazy intense brownie (or 2) that I just ate will ruin everything...

This is her 10 minutes ago:

And these are from this weekend at the BMG picnic:

Smiling with Salim. Some people have an immediate connection with small children and he has it.

Adiyah with a posessed Samaya

Right after asking, "Does she nurse or does she eat kabob or something?"


Stephanie and Frank's beautiful baby, Clovy. See Samaya, her hair started out straight and check out those curls now! There's hope for you yet.

Not at the picnic, but cute.


  1. She is adorable! I love seeing all the pics. I hope the calm stays for a while :)

  2. What a beautiful, sweet girl, Laurel! Enjoy these precious moments!
    Love your blog btw!