Sunday, March 3, 2013


We had a pretty awesome Ayyam-i-Ha party at our house Friday afternoon to celebrate the last day of the Baha'i festival of Ayyam-i-Ha; four days dedicated to gift-giving, charity, and hospitality immediately preceding the last Baha'i month (19 days) of fasting from sun-up to sun-down. (Then comes Naw-Ruz--the Baha'i New Year!) Belonging to a Faith that is pretty darn new in terms of world religion and virtually ritual-free, means families and communities have the freedom to create traditions, change it up whenever they feel like it, and explore various ways of celebrating, commemorating, honoring, and worshipping. Having young children, I am always trying to create a deep love, excitement, respect, and understanding of various aspects of our Faith. Holy days (plus Ayyam-i-Ha--not exactly a holy day) provide the perfect opportunity to nurture their spiritual identity. So this is how we got our Ayyam-i-Ha on this year:

Funny Photo Booth

Fruit Kabobs

The obligatory Ayyam-i-Ha Puppet Show

Followed by four activity stations based on Maggie's four days of celebration: 

1. Peanut butter pinecone birdfeeders (service to the birds!)

 2. Cookies (One to eat, one to give away. Our new neighbors 
each received a finger-print riddled plate.)

3. Decorating flower pots
4. Planting flower bulbs


We had a potluck dinner followed by the much anticipated pinata.

Nothing like a pinata to bring joy to a child. 

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