Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mommy Heaven

Today is one of those days when all the stars align in the mommyhood sky to create something you'd actually WANT to gaze upon. Well, maybe not the floors or the kitchen counter. And certainly not at nap time when I chucked Samaya's baby doll across the room and told her SHE BETTER GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW OR DADDY WASN'T GOING TO GIVE HER ANY MORE MENTOS. But skies are big and surely those things are hardly noticeable.
Now, I love my children every day. every moment. every time Samaya sings the Mommy Song in the key of whine. Which is a lot. But I don't always love all the moments. And even though moments are fleeting and tend to resemble roller coasters, it's still nice when you're hovering at the top. So indulge with me before it all comes crashing down...

-Violet slept SIX hours last night!!! She's done this a few times, my 2 1/2 month old over-achiever. For those of you with young children, I need not say more about the love affair we all have with sleep.

-Totally wore a tank top all day today AND IT'S NOT EVEN MAY.

-Checked on my garden for the 40th time since I planted the first seeds a week or two ago and they were growing!!!! Itsy bitsy teeny tiny specks of green, but definitely in row formation. Hallelujah for another gardening season--minus the morning sickness plus an insanely adorable baby.

-Sacrificed the last perfectly ripe mango for coconut and raw almond milk ice cream. So worth it. I can't wait to tell Samaya she's having ice cream for snack when she wakes up from her nap.

-Went to mommy and baby yoga this morning and was so proud of my baby who contentedly sat beside me while I remembered where my abs were. This from the child who cried most of her awake time until a month ago. Thank GOD I took her to the Chiropractor and the Cranio-sacral therapist early enough.

-Samaya picked up the two lids to her kitchen pots and pressed them to her chest, declaring, 'Boobies!' I don't even use that word!

-Violet never, never fails to smile whenever she sees Sisay, Samaya, or I. And this girl smiles with her whole body, often accompanied by shrieks of happiness. Today she tracked Samaya around the room as she played, just grinning from ear to ear.

I can't wait to watch them play together. That is, when they're not fighting. But I'm sure those moments will be hardly noticeable.

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