Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The (Relevant) News

The world becomes exceedingly small when one happens to have a baby in the winter with a toddler under foot. Today the three of us could be seen hanging out at the picnic table outside for two hours reveling in the warm! sunshine!. Sisay kept passing by asking what we were doing because I guess "nothing" didn't seem logical to him.

Mmmhmmm. You stay inside for six weeks and then ask yourself if there really is anything to be done when the sun is doing something other than lighting a dim path in front of you. Needless to say it was the best nothing I've done in a REALLY long time.

In other news...

-Violet's longest conversation to date was with our Chiropractor's secretary. There were a lot of 'goos.'

-I finally cut Samaya's fingernails. You don't understand. She's a neurotic nurser.

-I only changed my shirt three times today.

-Samaya decided our day should begin at 4 AM this morning with a full out tantrum. God forgive me for nursing her sister.

-I'm choosing to write this entry at 10 PM rather than sleep despite said very long day. However, I am not claiming to be sane.

-Realized sane people can't raise kids. They either started out crazy or quickly become it. And they're straight out lying if they say otherwise.

-I'm learning to throw out each and every item on my 'I'll never do that as a mother' list.

-My back. Oh God.

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  1. I can relate to quite a few things! Especially the last 3 points :)