Sunday, February 14, 2010

the tiny details

Some other things this mama doesn't want to forget...

-The child has sticky fingers. When crawling from point A to point B, if there be a book or an empty baby oil bottle (her favorite toy. I really don't know) in her path, it will be joining the parade. It makes me laugh every time because she almost always arrives a few pounds heavier and without having so much as paused. Not even so much as a glance at whatever is now in her hand.

-The tongue. My God, the tongue. Auntie Julia suggested maybe it's just too long for her mouth and she doesn't have anywhere else to put the remaining 3 feet that hang continuously out of her mouth.

-She got her third tooth on the top on Wednesday (I think).

-Her hair only grows on the top of her head.

-Every night when I'm putting her to bed I have to control wild fits of giggles because she's so damn amusing. She'll be dead asleep and then suddenly remember that she needs to sit bolt upright or stand up along the wall or crawl a couple laps around our bed. Before falling momentarily asleep with her head between her legs. I end up pinning her body down with my leg before she falls asleep. For good I mean.

-SAMAYA TOOK AT LEAST 6 STEPS YESTERDAY. Also, someone should probably tell her that walking comes before running. She was standing holding onto Grandma's hands when Daddy came home and she just let go and ran toward him. We all sort of gasped and that's when she stopped dead in her tracks, realized that no one was holding holding her anymore, and sat down. I was on the couch with a case of mastitis, but I nearly jumped out of my skin when she did this. I firmly believed that the first time she did this was an accident, but I guess we just have a total freak baby on our hands. Fine with me.

(sporting her new hat made by Auntie Claire!)

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