Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Baby Has a Tooth!

Last night we went to the celebration of the Birth of Baha'u'llah and as tradition goes in this community, each person brought a gift for Him. Poems were read, songs were sung, contributions to the fund were given, photographs were displayed, prayers and writings were recited, and Samaya brought her very first tooth. All day yesterday she let it be known just how hard she was working on this little gift and when we got home from the celebration, I felt in her mouth and sure enough a little razor of a tooth had broken through on the bottom.

Her father has begun furiously planning for the near future of solid foods. When I asked him if he was excited about this prospect, he gave an emphatic NO. 'Now I have to keep her from choking on things.'

If anyone out there is looking for the safety police, I am considering renting him out at a small fee.

And then, without skipping a beat, 'We need to get her a toothbrush. We should start brushing her tooth NOW.'

Talk about starting things off on the right foot. This girl's got a pretty good chance of making it in the world.

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  1. A little square of gauze on the finger, wet it and rub - great first toothbrush. It feels good on their gums, and makes it easy to keep those little pearly whites clean. You will find getting a toothbrush in there will not always be easy! :)