Sunday, July 14, 2013


We've been in our home for six months now. And we LOVE it. Here are some reason's why:

1. Because of the way the afternoon light pours onto the wood floors and my daughter's afro.

2. Because of the open plan containing the kitchen, dining area, living room and children's area all circling around the central wood stove. Oh how I love heating with wood. 

3. Because the front door opens onto our very own deck just feet from the vegetable garden, the grandparents' entrance, and gorgeous outdoor dining. 

4. Because the girls have their very own (shared) room for the first time.  

5. Because we have our very own room in four years. Until Samaya comes in at 10. And Violet somewhere between 2 and 5. And the baby is born in November. 

6. Because we have our very own trees. TREES! In which to hang tree swings...

and hammocks. 

7. And because of the daily delight of discovering newly emerged blossoms. 

 lilies, bee balm, and clematis



morning glories climbing our garden fence.